What Our Clients Say

Freihofer Transport strives to provide every client with the highest level of service. We value the relationships we have with our clients and look forward to handling your specialized moving, storage and delivery needs.

Freihofer Transport has been my moving company since 2011 and has assisted me with moves of all kinds, including clearing out a partially moved-in home when the closing failed. When I had my floors refinished, the Freihofer Transport team removed every piece of furniture, stored it and placed it back exactly as they found it. I have used the company multiple times to move between spaces during construction of a new home.

In addition, Freihofer Transport has assisted in rearranging rugs and furniture, and every time I am abundantly pleased. The movers show up on time and work cleanly and efficiently and respect my home as if it were their own. They go above and beyond assisting with unpacking and placing furniture delivered by other companies, and they ensure every item – from the largest sofa to the last paper clip is moved, stored and placed exactly where you want it. I trust them with my home. Freihofer Transport is by far the best moving company you can hire.

– Aimee Price, Homeowner

Using Freihofer Transport for our appliance deliveries is the best business decision we ever made. The Freihofer Transport team is always on schedule and we do not have to worry about damage or any other delivery issues. Their attention to detail is awesome. We can’t imagine trying to run our business without them!

– Rick Alexander, Co-owner, Distinctive Appliances Inc.

I am an interior designer and for several years have used Freihofer Transport for client projects and absolutely love working with the entire team. Their level of professionalism is unmatched when delivering to a jobsite and the same applies for the company’s correspondence. All employees are courteous and someone always answers the phone when I call, and email inquiries are quickly answered – which goes a long way in my book. Freihofer Transport’s invoices are detailed and clear, rarely do I have questions.

One of my favorite services Freihofer Transport offers is the sending of photos each time an item is received that I have ordered for a client. This service is a huge time-saver if an item is damaged, scratched or is the wrong finish or fabric. Sending photos as soon as items arrive gives me the opportunity to resolve any issues, and alleviates the possibility of incorrect items being delivered to a client’s home – potentially weeks or months later. This level of service ensures everyone looks good.

I recently sold my home and moved and there was never any question in my mind that Freihofer Transport should handle my move. I had great peace of mind knowing that their team always does the job right. I highly recommend Freihofer Transport for anybody in need of a receiving, delivery and storage company – it is the best.

– Corey McIntosh, Owner – McIntosh Interiors

I have worked with Freihofer Transport for over six years and continue to be impressed by the level of service the company provides. The crews are extremely professional, and a high level of detail and care go into every move or installation. The warehouse and office staff are very organized, and wonderful to work with as well!

–Elle Cantrell, Redefined Home Boutique

Freihofer Transport has packed, moved, unpacked and stored our home furnishings in between moves, and I cannot say enough good things about the company. Its crews are always professional – I’ve never had a single problem because they don’t create any problems for me to worry about. From stem to stern, Freihofer Transport is organized and easy to work with. My husband also hired Freihofer Transport to handle his commercial office move. If you are looking for a high-end moving and storage company, I highly recommend Freihofer Transport.

– Andrea Jones, Homeowner